[Smiled with Hilde’s reply. So, she felt her heart beating like crazy. Isn’t she going too fast? But if it she tooks it longer and then it becomes too late? Julia bit her lip, sighing and smiling]

Oh, hm, okay then. I’ll go there pick you up, then. Uh, at eight, okay?


[She confirmed monosyllabic and without showing much feelings. Inside she was completely glad and didn’t think it was being fast, after all, everything had to happen at its own time. And it was perfect the way it was]

[The prussian shruged. She should feel used to the way that Hilde replies sometimes, but it still makes Julia think about how the other feels about it. But she confirmed it, and means that Hilde was really okay to go. Otherwise she would say no to the invitation.]

Ahm… Okay then. Hm… See you later..?

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